When packing pictures and mirrors, measure the width, depth and height. Island Moving Supplies will supply the

best fitting box and we'll figure out how many will fit into each box with maximum protection.


Here we will pack a painting with a glass front.

We will use a 4pc. mirror box. We also carry 1 and 2pc. mirror boxes in various sizes.

Take 1 of the 4 pieces and bend along narrow flap.

Fold the narrow flaps over and tape shut. You now have 1 of 4 pcs. ready.

Flip finished piece over and repeat process with 2nd piece.


With the 2 pieces facing each other, place picture/mirror inside and slide 2 pieces into each other.

Leave about 2 inches on the sides and tape both pieces together. Cushion bottom of box with paper, chips or bubble. We use paper here.

Wrap picture in bubble and place into box


For oil paintings and prints, we recommend packing with paper pads or corrugated. Here we use a paper pad


Stuff filler (paper or chips) around picture so that it doesn't move. Wrap filler around the top part.


Take 3rd piece and wrap around the top. Stuff more filler in.

Wrap 4th piece around and tape shut. Tape the top and bottom pieces together. The picture is ready for the movers.