1-Start packing early, don't leave the packing until days before closing. If you get a little done each night, you'll have alot done by the end of the week.

    2-Start packing items that won't be used in the immediate future (winter clothes, holiday china in the Summer, etc.)

    3-Pack fragile/breakable items tightly in a box. Before taping box, shake, and if item moves freely inside of box, stuff open areas with paper/chips/etc. Remember to fill every box to the top, stuff with paper or chips to fill.

    4-Pack heavy items (books, cd's, albums, files) in a small box and light weight items (clothes, linens, towels) in a large box.

    5-Pack dishes on the side, see our packing dishes page for details.

    6-Remember to pack your computer, stereos, lamps, pictures, etc. You can hire your mover to pack these items or save $$$ by purchasing boxes from Island Moving Supplies and packing it yourself. Remember to give us measurements of items for the correct fitting box.

    7-Most movers will NOT take flammable items. (paint, ammo, propane tanks, lighter fluid, gas in lawn mowers, etc.)

    8-Tape the caps of fluids to prevent accidental spills.

    9-If your furniture is going into long term storage, remember to wrap oil paintings in paper pads and not bubble wrap. You want the oil painting to be able to breath while in storage. Same applies for mattresses and sofas.

   10-Think ahead to your new house. Make sure each box is marked as to which room it is going to. Does your new house have nice white carpeting? Ask your mover if they have runners for the carpet. If not, you can purchase carpet protection from All Island Moving Supplies.

   If you have any additional questions, ask us. We will be happy to help you in a friendly/professional manner.