When packing dishes and glasses, we recommend using a double wall carton. (5.2 dish or 46F HD).

Wrap each dish in bubble OR white packing paper. We use paper in these pictures.

Start with platters and plates on the bottom, bowls and saucers in the middle and glasses on top.

Line the bottom of the box with paper or bubble to form a soft cushion.

Start with plate in the corner of the paper.

Fold corner of paper over plate. With heavy plates and platters, use a few sheets of paper.


Fold over both sides of paper to cover plate.


Roll plate over until the paper is used up. You may also tape paper shut.


Stand dish on its side. Add dishes tightly, all packed on the side.


Fill in all open areas. You can pack platters perpendicular to dishes.


Use paper to fill in any open areas. Shake box, if there is any movement of dishes, simply stuff more paper in.

Take some more paper or bubble and lay over bottom layer to cushion next layer.


Wrap bowls and saucers to pack next level. Again, stand on the side and pack tightly.

Repeat the previous process to fill next level. After everything is packed tightly, add layers of paper or bubble on top for cushion.


Wrap cups and glasses and other light weight items for the top layer.

Pack stemware upside down as shown in picture. Cups and mugs can go right side up.

Once again, shake box. If anything moves, stuff paper in so that there is no movement.

After the top layer is filled, lay paper or bubble across top. Use extra material so that is flows over the top of box.

Close the top of the box. This will push the extra stuffing into the box and secure everything inside.

5.2 dish boxes can weigh up to 90lbs. when full. For self movers, you can use the 46F HD box.